Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

We have taken the most common questions that we are asked as DJs. Keep in mind that the entertainment that you choose is about 80% responsible for the success of your event. If you would like, you can call us and answer your questions directly. It’s our job to make sure that you are able to make an informed decision on who you book to handle your event.

So, I have heard that Doug is now the DJ for the Atlanta Braves. I guess you guys aren’t booking during the Braves season. Is that true? 

Let us put that to rest in the very beginning. Yes, Doug IS the DJ/ Music Programmer for the Atlanta Braves. It is an awesome opportunity for him to be a part of one of the longest MLB franchise teams in baseball history. Luckily for potential clients, Doug has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge and educational pieces that have enabled him to teach others to do what he does and what has made him successful in this industry. So yes, while the Braves season is ongoing, Doug himself is limited in the number of events that he can personally do. He has begun to build a team of dedicated DJs that have their own experiences and knowledge. They are also being personally trained by him directly to ensure the exact same experience that has built an extremely successful 21+ career for each potential client.

What is your starting price? 

Our starting price is dependent upon the type of event you are booking. Sound a little shady? It could. However, for a normal event, our pricing starts at $125.00 per hour for a non-Wedding or non-Corporate event. There is so much more that goes into the planning of weddings and corporate events that the pricing is different. Our wedding packages start out at $550.00 for a 4 hour NON-Ceremony wedding. The pricing goes up from there depending on adding of hours and options.

Are TIPS required? 

Tips are always appreciated, however, not required. A tip should only be given if you feel that the DJ has performed up to your satisfaction.  

What services do you offer? 

We offer multiple services. We offer complete mobile DJ/MC services of course. But we also offer uplighting and photobooths as well.   

Can We choose our music?

You are the one paying our company to perform. You can work directly with our DJs to choose your music for your event.

How far in advance should I contact you? 

Once you have chosen your date and venue confirmed, the next steps are to find your caterer, photographer, and DJ. Typically, most people book their caterer and photographer and then next, the DJ. The sooner you book your event professionals, the more likely you are to get chosen providers. In our business, you would more than likely be able to choose your DJ/MC.

What style of music do you offer? 

Each DJ has an extensive selection of music consisting of Club Dance, Classic Rock, Country, Oldies, Big Band, Motown, R & B, Rap, Disco, and Hip-Hop. We have everything from the 1940’s to today’s top 40, so there is something for all age groups. With the coming of the internet age, and if WIFI is available, any song can be purchased on the spot to guarantee that all songs are of the highest quality.

Do you have your own equipment? 

Yes. Phoenix Live Entertainment, LLC. has 4 dedicated sound systems that our DJs can utilize. Most of the DJs that are employed or contracted by Phoenix Live Entertainment have their own equipment.

Is there a charge for travelling?

After 30 miles from the center of McDonough, we do require a $2.00 per mile one way fee. If the event is over 100 miles from the center of McDonough, we do require a hotel stay with similar accommodations as the guests coming for the event.   

Do you cover more than one event a day?

We do have the ability to cover multiple events with backups on any given day.  If needed, would you be able to work extra hours? We do not book events after events to ensure that if our clients choose to go longer they can. You may book for a specific number of hours, but we will always give you the option to go longer.

What are the forms of payment?

 We allow our clients to pay with cash, credit, debit, or checks.  

Are you insured, my venue requires you to have Liability Insurance?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. We cover a policy that has a $1,000,000 limit with a $2,000,000 aggregate limit. If needed, let us know and we can have your venue added as additionally insured on our policy.   

Will I get a written confirmation? 

Once our clients have decided to book with out company, a contract is immediately sent out via email to be signed electronically.  

How much of a retainer do I need to pay to secure the booking?

 We do require a 30% RETAINER to book any event.   

When will you need full payment?

You can split up your payments over the months leading up to your event with payments each month or quarterly. As long as your event is paid in full by the week following the booked date.   

When do you setup your equipment? 

We typically arrive at the venue at least an hour and a half to two hours in advance to guarantee that we have completed all pre-event checks and all sound equipment is functioning properly.

How does your DJ dress for a formal event? 

How we dress is dependent upon your wishes. We can go casual or we get all decked out in a tux. You will choose beforehand and our DJs will show up accordingly.  

Can you provide wireless microphones for the wedding ceremony, toasts etc? 

Yes, we can provide multiple lapel mics for officiants or the couple and a handheld microphone as a backup.  

Do you have back ups for your equipment?

We have backups of everything needed for any event.  

Are you cheap? Can I get a discount? 

There are two schools of thought in answering this question. In the industry we say that a good DJ is never cheap and a cheap DJ is never good. Even Doug started somewhere with very little but keep in mind, we, especially Doug, have a ton of time in this industry, overhead, and equipment to maintain, and as such, we have calculated what has to be charged per event to be profitable. If the cause is good enough, then there is always room to negotiate. But if you are just looking to save a dollar or two to “keep costs down” then Doug may not be the right fit for you or for your event. We do however offer DJs that don’t have the time in the industry that are at different price levels. We can fit you with the right DJ to match your event and style.