What are our services

Phoenix Live Entertainment, LLC.  offers multiple services to our clients and those are discussed on this page. 

For our private event clients, we offer full mobile DJ/ MC services for any event that you may need or require a DJ for. We have established a solid career of succesful events with the most exciting DJs that have a true love of the industry. We require all of our DJs to perform at a certain level and we guarantee that each event will be special and your guests will be talking about for years. The types of events that we typically DJ are:




Engagement Events

Family Reunions


Holiday Events

Pool PArties


School Dances (Non-Prom)

Vow Renewal Events


We alsos provide Photobooths, Uplighting, and sound and lighting rental. But trust us, there is even more super exciting news coming soon! 


video montage of some of our great Private Events

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Account Offerings

Shows and services for our restaurant and bar clients

For restaurants and bars we offer the following:     

Team Style Trivia

A proven night building event where individuals in a team work together to answer trivia questions ranging from History, Music, Geography, Sports, etc… We have been performing these shows for 20 years in the metro Atlanta area and can provide a proven track record of success with our show and the format that we have chosen to use. At the beginning of the show, teams come to the host’s table and get their trivia supplies which include a team answer sheets that will help teams keep track of their scores, answer sheets that teams will put the team names and answers on, and a pen. The teams accumulate points throughout the game as they get questions correct. At the end of the game, the teams gamble points during the bonus round. Prizes are provided by the account and cannot be used on the night they are won.        

Music Bingo

This a game where grandma’s bingo meets music trivia. This is a new show that was originally brought the Atlanta area by Doug Sheets himself and has proven to be a guaranteed night builder for any establishment. The average night of music bingo lasts roughly anywhere from 1 hour and thirty minutes to two hours. The number of guests playing has a major bearing on the time it takes to get through each round. The types of categories that make up a music bingo show range from Country hits, Back To The Eighties, Funky Fun, Oldies, Today’s hits, and the list goes on an on. We can even tailor a night geared towards your establishments needs or wants.   

Phoenix Feud   

Phoenix Feud is a team geared show that follows the same style of flow as the popular TV game show with a similar name. We ask a series of opinion-based question and based upon the popularity of the team’s answer, their point values can vary. This is dependent upon the number of individuals that responded with that answer. This game differs from the standard trivia game in that the answers aren’t really google type answers, they are opinion. Cheating is out the window. That has always been one the biggest concerns with trivia-based games.     

We can also provide weekly DJ or special event DJ services.      

We will be providing Karaoke but not directly.


Video monotage of some of our account shows

Video coming soon